Adding Korean Names to

The proper and most complete way to add a Korean name to family search:

  • Names: When adding a new name, switch the language to Korean to get fields for all 3 versions of the name (HanGul, HanJa, and Romanized). You can enter (or paste) the HanGul and HanJa versions. When you enter the HanGul version, will automatically populate the Roman version (using the English alphabet). If you prefer a different Roman version, you can override it by just typing in the preferred version. If the person lived in the U.S. or Canada, it is best to use the Roman version on their U.S. or Canadian records. There are many romanization methods, so there are a lot of options. If the person just lived in Korea, it is generally best to use the default Romanized version that is auto-populated to maximize the chances of successful cooperation with other researchers who are relying on the Romanized version of the names. If there are additional names, like a pen-name or a posthumous name, you can add that after the individual is created in the “Other Information” section as an “Additional Name”.
  • Clans: Including the clan origin will help you identify the correct JokBo records for further research on an ancestor’s line. Generally, the clan origin is in the title of the JokBo (family registry). Including the branch or even sub-branch within the clan can further help narrow down a JokBo volume or section for. Add a clan under the “Other Information” of a Korean record. Add a Branch (파) under the “Custom Fact” section and title it “branch”.
  • Titles: Titles of nobility or titles of government positions can also be added in the “Other Information” section.

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