Korea Genealogy Guide Book

The printed version of the Korean Genealogy Guide book is available at https://www.createspace.com/3827253! It is also available from Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Korean-Genealogy-Guide-resource-ancestors/dp/1475050151.

This guide will help you read Korean (HanGul and HanJa), find Korean ancestors, and interpret Korean genealogical records, including family registry images from the genealogical archives at familysearch.org.

The author is making an electronic version of the Korean Genealogy Guide book available for free for personal use. Please note that it is copyrighted material and should not be published without the author’s permission. It is the author’s hope that this will help those interested in discovering Korean ancestors. You can access the searchable online version at: Korean Genealogy Guide (online webpage version).



Here is the table of contents:

1 – Korean Writing
HanJa Characters
      Table:  Examples of HanJa Vocabulary with Common Roots
Table:  Examples of Simple and Compound  HanJa

HanGul Letters
      Table:  HanGul Vowel Letters
HanGul Syllables
      Table:  HanGul Syllables
Stroke Order and Direction
Text Direction
Korean on Computers
      Table:  How to Type Compound Vowels
Korean on Windows Computers
Korean on Mac OS X
Korean on the Internet
Translating HanJa and HanGul
2 – Names
Family Names
      Table: Korean Family Names (HanJa, HanGul, and English)
Given Names
HanJa Syllables Used in Korean Given Names
3 – Numbers and Dates
Pure Korean Numbers
      Table: Pure Korean Numbers
HanJa Numbers
      Table: HanJa Numbers
      Table: HanJa Vocabulary for Dates
Table: Example HanJa Date

Lunar Calendar Years
      Table: Heavenly Cycle (1st HanJa Character in Lunar Year)
Table: Earthly Cycle (2nd  HanJa Character in Lunar Year)
Table: Lunar Calendar 60-Year Cycle

4 – History
Founding Legends
Early Kingdoms
      Table: Goryeo Monarchs’ Ruling Years
      Table: JoSeon Monarchs’ Ruling Years
Japanese Occupation
Korean War
North and South Korea
Hopes for Reunification
5 – Family Registeries
Family Records
Page Structure
      Diagram: Visualization of a Genealogy Scroll
Diagram: Visualization of  Lineage on a Genealogy Scroll
Diagram: Visualization of a Genealogy Scroll Cut into Pages
Diagram: Structure of Facing Pages of a Family Registry

Linking Individual Records
Linking Individuals Across Pages and Volumes
Records of Married Sons
      Table: Interpretation of a Sample Married Son
   Records of Married Daughters
      Table: Interpretation of a Sample Married Daughter
Records of Single Children
Blood-Line Adoptions
Starting Point
Locating a Family Registry Online
Family Register Title Translation
Viewing a Family Registry Online
Discovery Approach

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  2. For those who would like a Kindle version of the book, I looked into it but have ruled it out. Unfortunately, publishing thru that channel would require me to stop publishing the book or any of its contents thru any other electronic method. I did not sign up for that because I want to continue to offer the free electronic version of this book (in pdf format) via this website. That way far more people can have access to the information needed to begin searching for Korean ancestors. Kindle users can, however, view the HTLM or PDF versions of the book even if the official Kindle version is not available.

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  4. Dear Sir
    This is very unique geneology where one can see their family ancestory and origin. i just want to know that how can it be useful as a historical resource of the nation.
    Dr. Seema Mamta Minz

    • In the case of Korea, some of these records go back to 67 BC. They list who the Kings are as part of the dates. When you combine many family genealogies together and they all validate the same dates for the reigns of kings, the genealogies become a very valuable way to confirm the dates and geographic span of the reigns of ancient kings.

  5. Hello everyone. I am wanting to help my boyfriend find more of his mothers family from S Korea. His mother passed away in 2012, and he has this part of him that he feels is empty and he is wanting to know about his grandparents and cousin, anyone he might be able to reach. What would be a good place to start? Here or somewhere else? Thank you.

  6. Trying to figure out where to begin.. Finding a ton of roadblocks and walls. Looking for Kwan Byeok Heo in the Seoul area of Korea. Its been many years since there was contact but would really like to find any link. Sooo many lost records. Please advise

  7. How do I locate my parents’ marriage certificate? My father was an American civilian contractor who met and married my Korean mother in Korea around 1962-63. Any advice would be appreciated.

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