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  1. I was adopted from SEOUL KOREA in 1970 with twin sister. It is urgent for us to find our biological parents and other relatives. What must I do to expedite this process? Also expedite your end of the process too. Thank you. Lisa

  2. Please contact me as soon as possible on what the process for me to find my biological parents and other relatives. We were adopted in 1970. We are both twins. Please expedite finding our biological family. I know the government can help all of us finding my family. Thank you. Lisa

  3. My mother was born in Chongryang-Ri-Chong, Tongdaemun-Ku, Kyongsong-Pu, Korea. Her household head is Pak, Pok Man of the Family Census Register of Song, Hi Sun. Permanent address is 103 Sunhwa-dong, Chung-Ku (Sodaemun-Ku), Seoul. She came to USA when she was very young and has very little recollection of her family past, nor paperwork. I would very much like to find out our family history, if there is any available. None of us speak Korean or know how to write in Korean. How can we find out? I would greatly appreciate any information you have.

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  4. The Korean government has introduced a genetic testing program to reconnect adopted children in foreign countries back to their birth parents. Most of the adoptees are in the US. Contact the embassy/consulate/legation for more information.

  5. Can i have some korean family in seoul south koreaim tired to be a filipina i am a kid and 11 yr.old and i just want is have some korean family pls

  6. Hello I am looking for birth search help and have my grandfather’s Hoju written in Hanja. Could I get some help. I am entering my contact information below.

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