Records of Single Children

Records of unmarried sons and daughters resemble the previous two sections without the information about spouses or children.  Just like the previous two examples, a son’s record will start with 子 (자, Ja) and a daughter’s record will start with 女 (여, Yeo).  It will then have the HanJa version of their given names.  Usually at least a birth date follows the given name, but sometimes only the gender and given name are provided.

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  1. Today I found a document called “HOJUKDUNBON (Family Registration)” in the paperwork my adoptive parents provided to me. It lists the name the orphanage gave me under “Family Chief,” w/”No Record” for both Father and Mother, then says Family Origin: “Chung Joo”. Under DoB it states my estimated birthday.

    Do you know what, if anything, I can glean from the family origin given? I am contemplating starting a full-fledged birth fam search & it felt worth asking this after finding this site tonight. Kind thanks.

    • How exciting! You have some valuable information.

      If “Family Origin” is referring to the ancient hometown of the founder of the family clan, then you can narrow down which families (clans) you may be part of. It is pretty cool. If you know your family surname that would give you the exact clan if you know the origin city, but if you only know the city we can get a list of surnames that originated in that city. Usually clans have a formal family organization that keeps their records, which includes a list of everyone in the clan from present day to ancient times — all the way back to the founder of the family clan.

      I published a list of clans (surnames and origin cities). It was based off a government census record of all korean families on or near the year 2000. It lists the number of families and individuals in each clan, too. I published the full list at

      You can use the list above to see what families are form Chung Joo (English spellings can differ). If we could see “Chung Joo” written in Korean it could help make sure we are choosing the right origin city. If not, it still helps us narrow it down a lot.

      Here are the possible clans (generally a 2-syllable city followed by a 1-syllable surname and ending in “Sshi” which means Family/Mr./Mrs./respectful suffix for a surname). You can narrow this list down further if you know the Korean (HanGul or HanJa) spelling of the origin city.

      청주갈씨(淸州葛氏) CheongJu Gal Sshi
      충주감씨(忠州甘氏) ChungJu Gam Sshi
      충주강씨(忠州强氏) ChungJu Gang Sshi
      충주강씨(忠州姜氏) ChungJu Gang Sshi
      충주강씨(忠州康氏) ChungJu Gang Sshi
      충주경씨 ChungJu Gyeong Sshi
      청주고씨(淸州高氏) CheongJu Go Sshi
      충주고씨(忠州高氏) ChungJu Go Sshi
      청주곽씨(淸州郭氏) CheongJu Gwak Sshi
      청풍곽씨(淸風郭氏) CheongPung Gwak Sshi
      충주곽씨(忠州郭氏) ChungJu Gwak Sshi
      청주궉씨 CheongJu Gwok Sshi
      청주권씨(淸州權氏) CheongJu Gwon Sshi
      청주근씨(淸州斤氏) CheongJu Geun Sshi
      정주김씨(貞州金氏) JeongJu Kim Sshi
      청주김씨(淸州金氏) CheongJu Kim Sshi
      충주김씨(忠州金氏) ChungJu Kim Sshi
      충주노씨(忠州盧氏) ChungJu No Sshi
      청주단씨(淸州段氏) CheongJu Dan Sshi
      청주도씨(淸州都氏) CheongJu Do Sshi
      청주도씨(淸州都氏) CheongJu Do Sshi
      청주동방씨 CheongJu DongBang Sshi
      청주민씨(淸州閔氏) CheongJu Min Sshi
      정주박씨(貞州朴氏) JeongJu Park Sshi
      청주박씨(淸州朴氏) CheongJu Park Sshi
      정주배씨(貞州裵氏) JeongJu Bae Sshi
      청주배씨(淸州裵氏) CheongJu Bae Sshi
      충주백씨(忠州白氏) ChungJu Baek Sshi
      청주변씨(淸州卞氏) CheongJu Byeon Sshi
      청주변씨(淸州卞氏) CheongJu Byeon Sshi
      청주사씨(靑州史氏) CheongJu Sa Sshi
      충주사씨(忠州史氏) ChungJu Sa Sshi
      청주서씨(淸州徐氏) CheongJu Seo Sshi
      충주서씨(忠州徐氏) ChungJu Seo Sshi
      충주서씨(忠州徐氏) ChungJu Seo Sshi
      청주석씨(淸州石氏) CheongJu Seok Sshi
      충주석씨(忠州石氏) ChungJu Seok Sshi
      충주섭씨(忠州葉氏) ChungJu Seop Sshi
      청주성씨(淸州成氏) CheongJu Seong Sshi
      청주손씨(淸州孫氏) CheongJu Son Sshi
      충주손씨(忠州孫氏) ChungJu Son Sshi
      청주송씨(淸州宋氏) CheongJu Song Sshi
      청주신씨(淸州申氏) CheongJu Shin Sshi
      청주심씨(淸州沈氏) CheongJu Sim Sshi
      충주심씨(忠州沈氏) ChungJu Sim Sshi
      정주안씨(貞州安氏) JeongJu An Sshi
      청주안씨(淸州安氏) CheongJu An Sshi
      충주안씨(忠州安氏) ChungJu An Sshi
      청주양씨(淸州梁氏) CheongJu Yang Sshi
      충주양씨(忠州梁氏) ChungJu Yang Sshi
      청주양씨(淸州梁氏) CheongJu Yang Sshi
      충주양씨(忠州梁氏) ChungJu Yang Sshi
      충주어씨(忠州魚氏) ChungJu Eo Sshi
      청주연씨(淸州延氏) CheongJu Yeon Sshi
      청주염씨(淸州廉氏) CheongJu Yeom Sshi
      충주염씨(忠州廉氏) ChungJu Yeom Sshi
      청주오씨(淸州吳氏) CheongJu O Sshi
      충주오씨(忠州吳氏) ChungJu O Sshi
      청주온씨 CheongJu On Sshi
      청주원씨(淸州元氏) CheongJu Won Sshi
      청주유씨(淸州兪氏) CheongJu Yu Sshi
      청주유씨(淸州劉氏) CheongJu Yu Sshi
      충주유씨(忠州劉氏) ChungJu Yu Sshi
      정주류씨 JeongJu Yu Sshi
      청주류씨(淸州柳氏) CheongJu Yu Sshi
      청주윤씨(淸州尹氏) CheongJu Yun Sshi
      정주음씨 JeongJu Eum Sshi
      충주음씨 ChungJu Eum Ssh
      충주이씨(忠州伊氏) ChungJu I Sshi
      정주이씨(貞州李氏) JeongJu I Sshi
      청주이씨(淸州李氏) CheongJu I Sshi
      충주이씨(忠州伊氏) ChungJu I Sshi
      정주임씨(貞州林氏) JeongJu Im Sshi
      충주임씨(忠州林氏) ChungJu Im Sshi
      청주장씨(淸州張氏) CheongJu Jang Sshi
      충주장씨(忠州張氏) ChungJu Jang Sshi
      청주전씨(淸州全氏) CheongJu Jeon Sshi
      정주정씨(貞州鄭氏) JeongJu Jeong Sshi
      청주정씨(淸州鄭氏) CheongJu Jeong Sshi
      충주정씨(忠州鄭氏) ChungJu Jeong Sshi
      청주조씨(淸州趙氏) CheongJu Jo Sshi
      충주조씨(忠州趙氏) ChungJu Jo Sshi
      청주좌씨(淸州左氏) CheongJu Jwa Sshi
      정주주씨 JeongJu Ju Sshi
      충주주씨 ChungJu Ju Sshi
      청주주씨 CheongJu Ju Sshi
      청주지씨(淸州池氏) CheongJu Ji Sshi
      충주지씨(忠州池氏) ChungJu Ji Sshi
      청주진씨(淸州陳氏) CheongJu Jin Sshi
      충주진씨(忠州陳氏) ChungJu Jin Sshi
      청주천씨 CheongJu Cheon Sshi
      충주천씨 ChungJu Cheon Sshi
      충주천씨 ChungJu Cheon Sshi
      청주초씨(淸州楚氏) CheongJu Cho Sshi
      청주최씨(淸州崔氏) CheongJu Cheo Sshi
      충주평씨(忠州平氏) ChungJu Pyeong Sshi
      충주표씨 ChungJu Pyo Sshi
      충주피씨(忠州皮氏) ChungJu Pi Sshi
      청주하씨(淸州河氏) CheongJu Ha Sshi
      충주한씨(忠州漢氏) ChungJu Han Sshi
      정주한씨(貞州韓氏) JeongJu Han Sshi
      청주한씨(淸州韓氏) CheongJu Han Sshi
      충주한씨(忠州漢氏) ChungJu Han Sshi
      청주함씨 CheongJu Ham Sshi
      청주허씨(淸州許氏) CheongJu Heo Sshi
      청주현씨(淸州玄氏) CheongJu Hyeon Sshi
      충주호씨(忠州扈氏) ChungJu Ho Sshi
      청주홍씨(淸州洪氏) CheongJu Hong Sshi
      충주홍씨(忠州洪氏) ChungJu Hong Sshi
      청주황씨 CheongJu Hwang Sshi
      충주황씨(忠州黃氏) ChungJu Hwang Sshi
      충주후씨 ChungJu Hu Sshi

      • I can’t read the characters myself but I took a couple pictures of what I think is the document. Is there an email address to which I could send? Or I can humble myself and ask if I can find someone local to translate it.

      • Hi, thanks for your reply (went to Spam – just saw it now!) I am looking into seeing whether I can find the exact place on the original doc that gives my Family Origin. Is there an email to which I could send you photos of the doc? Thanks again!

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