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Three copies of the printed version of the Korean Genealogy Guide book were donated to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It is now listed in the Family History Library catalog at The books appear to be loaned out frequently, which is a great sign of the growing interest in Korean genealogy. The book is also available for free in electronic form (pdf or html) on this site. The printed version is available at and other bookstores.

Korean Genealogy Guide – Online

An online webpage version of the Korean Genealogy Guide was added to this site! You can access it from the main menu above under “Korean Genealogy Guide Book” or from the links on the right.  The guide is already available as a printed book or a free copyrighted online book.  Now that it is available as a webpage you can also:

  • Search the contents (see upper right search box)
  • Copy and Paste (rather than drawing HanJa characters or typing HanGul syllables)
  • Make Comments (ask questions or share more resources)

Korean Genealogy Guide Book

Korean Genealogy Guide Book

The printed version of Korean Genealogy Guide is available at It is also available from at

A free electronic version is available at Korean Genealogy Guide. It is the author’s hope that this will help those searching for Korean ancestors.

Korean Genealogy Guide

This guide will help you read Korean (HanGul and HanJa), find Korean ancestors, and interpret Korean genealogical records, including family registry images from the genealogical archives at