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Three copies of the printed version of the Korean Genealogy Guide book were donated to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It is now listed in the Family History Library catalog at The books appear to be loaned out frequently, which is a great sign of the growing interest in Korean genealogy. The book is also available for free in electronic form (pdf or html) on this site. The printed version is available at and other bookstores.

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  1. how do I sign up? My story seems similar in that I’m half korean, my mother does not and absolutely refuses to speak to me about her family. Her name is Yong Ok Ham, dob 08/12/1950 which we all know is not a definite DOB as they did not keep real records especially being my mother grew up in poverty. I know that she grew up in Pusan, South Korea. She married my biological father who was a U.S. army soldier, Daniel H. Lamb. Supposedly her mother died when she was very young, father remarried. She has a younger brother who was raised by her mother’s sister and her family. I don’t know any names but Yong Ki Lee 01/06/1928 -12/08/2005 is my aunts husbands name. Her half brother and aunts family all live in California ( Los Angeles, Orange County, Fullerton) area. I don’t know her parents name or where they are from. I know that her grandmother raised her. She got married in 1974 and came to the states. She’s an american citizen now. I can’t even find any information on her in the states which is discerning as she had 4 of us kids and has lived here for 40 plus years.

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