Good news! Google’s Bard AI has improved OCR and Translation for Korean genealogy records!

Example of interpreting an image from a JokBo using :

It did a good job of extracting the HanJa text… not so good on the HanGul text in this example, but the hardest part is the HanJa and it did quite well at extrating the HanJa text, converting it to HanGul text, and translating it to English text. It looks like Bard AI can help automate some of the most tedious and time consuming parts of interpreting Korean genealogy.

I tried a few different version of the prompt, including “This image constains a mix of Korean HanJa and HanGul characters. Extract the text using OCR and preserver the original HanJa or HanGul characters in the text. The image is written top-down and right-to-left. The first column contains 3 HanJa characters followed by two HanGul characters. The other columns contain HanJa characters. Output the text in four ways: HanJa, HanGul, Romanized, and translated to English.” in a failed attempt to help it recognize the HanGul version of the name in the lower right. It returned the following useful results (with an error interpreting the HanGul version of the name — it thought it was a single HanJa character rather than two HanGul syllables):

The text in the image is as follows, from top to bottom and right to left:


  • 子亨達 啓
  • 壬戍一九二二年十月
  • 十五日生辛酉一九八
  • 一生五月一五日卒墓
  • 孝令面孝誠公園 ● 配
  • 密陽朴明花父錫恒壬
  • 申一九三二年十月二
  • 十二日生一男二女


  • 자형달 계
  • 임술 일구이이년 십월
  • 십오일 생 신유 일구팔
  • 일생 오월 이십오일 졸묘
  • 효령면 효성공원 ● 배
  • 밀양 박명화 부 석항 임
  • 신 일구삼이년 십월 이
  • 십이일 생 일남 이녀


  • Jahyeongdal Gye
  • Imnyeol ilguiiyeon sipwol
  • sipoeil saeng sinyu ilgubal
  • ilsaeng owol isiphoseoil jolmyo
  • Hyeongnyeongmyeon Hyoeseonggongwon ● Bae
  • Milyang Park Myeonghwa bu Seokhang Im
  • sinsin ilgusam-iyeon sipwol i
  • sipieil saeng ilnam inyeo

English translation:

  • Jahyeongdal Gye (子亨達 啓)
  • Born on October 15, 1922 (壬戍一九二二年十月 十五日生)
  • Died on May 15, 1988 (辛酉一九八 一生五月一五日卒墓)
  • Buried at Hyoeseong Park, Hyeongnyeongmyeon (孝令面孝誠公園)
  • Spouse: Park Myeonghwa from Milyang (配 密陽朴明花)
  • Father: Im Seokhang, born in 1932 (父錫恒壬申一九三二年十月二 十二日生)
  • One son and two daughters (一男二女)

Note that the English translation is approximate, as some of the HanJa characters can have multiple meanings.”

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