3 thoughts on “Korean Adoptees Searching for Birth Families

  1. I was adopted 29 years ago in 1987 and was born in South Korea, Kyongsangnam-do and few years ago I found my adoption file with all my information which gave me a younger sister that I dearly want to reunite with. I have my sisters name and both of my birth parents name and where theyre from. Where can go with this information to locate my family? The orphanage had a very detailed information of my background and parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated even if it is to point me to an organization or agency that can help. I contacted the adoption agency and said my fathers young brother put me up for adoption. They won’t let me get any more info from them. My fathers name is An, Sam Bong, mothers name is Chang, In Ja, my sisters name is An, Kong Joo and my biologic name is An, Tae Yong born in Kyongsangnam-do. Thanks again!

  2. With the family family information, you can submit a missing person’s report via the police in Korea through Goal.

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