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The author grew up in South Korea, where he developed a deep love for the Korean people, culture, and language.  He soon returned to serve as a missionary for two years.  He later married his sweetheart, and together they are raising a family.

He began studying the genealogy of his family.  This endeavor was motivated by love for his children.  He desired to pass on to them a precious connection to their ancestors.  Genealogical research enables them to appreciate and honor those who came before them and intensifies the meaning and lessons of history.  This ancestral connection is truly rewarding.

Locating records of his wife’s Korean ancestors was exciting, and interpreting them was fascinating.  The author recognized that his children and their children would need a guide to help them continue to treasure and research the family genealogical records. He wrote this guide to accomplish that task.

The author realized that this guide could also benefit others with similar goals, so he published it.  He hopes to help fill the void of resources to help English speakers discover Korean ancestors, enable the use of family registries for educational research into Korean history and culture, and honor the heritage of Korea.

The author administers a website dedicated to helping people succeed in Korean genealogical research.  Visit http://KoreanGenealogy.org or other online communities dedicated to genealogy to receive help or serve those who need help with Korean genealogical research.

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