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Many Korean clans pass down genealogies and family histories that are kept by the eldest sons.  These family registries are called JokBo (族譜, 족보).  Many families have a formal family run organization that collects and publishes genealogy updates to the family.  These organizations identify and take care of family historical sites, including grave sites and ancestral homes.  Some families are starting to publish this information on the internet.  Donating records to public online archives to preserve Korean history is also a wonderful growing trend.  There have never been so many resources available to genealogists, and the future is even brighter.

There is also a new movement to preserve and publicly publish family histories as national treasures.  For example, the Inje University Genealogy Library collects and publishes Korean genealogical records at  The software used to view these records requires a Korean version of Microsoft Windows (not just an English version of Windows with Korean fonts installed), however, which can be a barrier for researchers outside of Korea.

Family Search also makes genealogical records available at  Fortunately, these records are viewable by almost any computer with a web browser.  At the time this book was written, Korean records can be located on Family Search by navigating to “Records”, “Browse by Location,” “Asia and Middle East”, “Korea, Collection of Genealogies, 1500-2009,” “Browse through 171,982 images.”  The number of published records is continually growing.  No doubt, this will eventually include indexing, which enables text-based searches, rather than just images.  Although searchable indexed records would be very helpful, the currently available images of genealogical records are all that is needed to find ancestors using the methods presented in this book.  From there you can navigate to specific clan records by selecting the family name, country, province, and city/county, and town that identify the clan.  You will often find many volumes of records for clans in the collection.

Family genealogies often start with family histories.  Some records contain the valiant acts of the ancestors.  Some also contain maps and pictures of family graves and historical sites, photos or paintings of prominent ancestors, and photos and information about family historical treasures.

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  1. Hello I’m kind of reaching out to any place I come across. I’m doing this on behalf of my boyfriend. He was adopted 31 years ago to America from south Korea and he doesn’t know much about his biological family. All we know is his name given to him at birth, yeo ki suk or ki suk yeo – he’s not too sure and that his mother was too ill to take care of him and his father was in the military? Any advice on what to do from here would be appreciated before trying thanx!

    • If I’m not mistaken, is available for free in lds family history centers all over the world. You can search for one here: .

      It sounds like his family name is Yeo (여) and his given name is KiSuk (기숙). There are at least three Yeo families with the following HanJa/chinese characters used to distinguish between them: 呂, 余, 汝. The first one has records listed online here: . There are additional records for those families online at, but a Korean version of windows is required to install the reader for records on inje university’s genealogy site. The following sites have some information about the clans within each of those 3 families — clan names are useful when searching for genealogical records: . The previous 3 sites also give you an idea of how many people are in each clan, so you can prioritize your search. They also list a brief history of the clans (in Korean). My book is available for free online (or for a small price printed from amazon, etc) and can teach you enough to search thru Korean genealogical records: . There are many possible HanJa/Chinese characters that can represent his given name KiSuk; options listed under “Gi” and “Suk” in my book at . You can look for names with those characters in the genealogical records.

      It can be very challenging to search for birth parents of adopted children, but I certainly understand the desire to learn about his roots. It is commendable and I wish you the best.

      • My name is Abraham Joseph White. I am from the United States of America and am Caucasian as well as part South Korean. My family branch consisting of only my mom , father and myself were stationed in Washington State and then my parents when he was Medically honourably discharged from the army, we liked it here and they decided to purchase a house. This move from relatives from my father’s side as well as my mom gaining citizenship from S. Korea to America is how I came into the picture. I’ve had a good life, with lots of interesting moments that many would have to say could be seen as delusional. I want to see more of the world and take a vacation so I can learn how the rest of the world works. Finding family that can help me along the way I feel is the best way to go about going on an adventure like this. Something like this I believe is very close within my reach.

    • Hi
      I would be very interrested in knowing what you found in your search. I was myself born in 1978 in seoul s-korea, adopted after, and my family name is Yeo. So therefore I’m curious…

    • Hello everyone! I’ve been searching for my dad since I reached college ’cause I want to hear from him the reason why he left me and my mom, knowing from my grandparents that he was a kind one and so very protective to me. I didn’t see him personally because he left us since I was a baby, but I saw his face already through the only memories that I have with him which is our pictures. And I’m still hoping that we will meet it’s been 15 yrs. from now since he left us…And can I get a help from anyone of you guys? His surname is Park and his name were jaehyhung but it’s not actually the spelling… My grandparents told me that he was a friend of the actor Raymart Santiago and they were buddies in Golf..Thank you…

      • Did you ever find your dad because I’m trying find my boyfriends mother who pretty much did the same

  2. Hello, I am trying to help my husband trace his family as well as his clan. He was adopted from Seoul Korea in 1987-1988. We only know his birth name Lee Chang Woon. We have been unable to find any information on his adoption or his parents name. Is there anyway to find this information or a way to know which clan he comes from? I know that clan names are based on surnames and where they are from but we do not have any of that information. If you could help narrow down any information for us or direct us in the right place we would be very grateful.

    • Do you know the HanJa (chinese character) version of his name? Each clan has a table that designates characters that are used as one syllable of the given name for each generation. Not everyone follows that, but if his name uses one of those characters it can help us narrow down the most likely clan. If you know the HanJa version of his name that can help narrow it down, but if you don’t you can still look at those tables to try to narrow down which clan it could be. is a good place to start.

      His last name could be one of these 4. If you know the HanJa version of his last name, then you know which of these it is. If not, we’ll look at all 4.

      Within each of the 4 family names above you’ll see a list of clans. Some have very many, and some have only a few. If you click on one of those clan’s links you’ll see something like this (at least for the larger ones):

      Within that you see a link to a “항렬표” table. This “Hang-Ryeol-Pyo” table lists a character that should be used in male given names for each generation for that clan. Here is an example of one:

      The circle means any character the fmaily (or a shaman) select. The other character is the one designated for that generation. You can search for a character in your husband’s name to try to narrow down which family’s have later generations that use a character from his name in the HangReolPyo. It’s worth a shot, even tho not everyone follows that HangReolPyo when naming their kids — there are enough that follow it to make it worth looking at.

      His name is probably spelled like one of the following:

      There are many ways to spell those in English, so try to rely on the Korean or HanJa version instead when researching. If you don’t already know the HanJa version of his name, you can look up in the tables in my book. I put it online for free, so you don’t have to buy it. Here are the tables for HanJa used in given names:

      Chang (창) could be one of the following HanJa: 昌 唱 窓 倉 創 蒼 暢 菖 昶 彰 敞 廠 倡 娼 漲 猖 愴 瘡 脹 艙 槍 滄
      Woon (운) could be one of the following HanJa: 云 雲 運 韻 沄 澐 耘 賱 夽 暈 橒 殞 熉 芸 蕓 隕 篔

      The table of family names from my book is here:
      His family name could be one of the following:
      Lee, Ree, Ri, or Li in Korean HanGul is 리 and in HanJa is 李
      Lee or Yi in Korean HanGul is 이 and in HanJa is one of these: 李, 異, 伊

      If you can find Chang 창 or Woon/Un 운 in one of the HangRyeolPyo let me know and we’ll see what we can learn from there. If you narrow down to a HanJa for a family name you can get the ancient history of that family easily. If you narrow down to a specific clan then you can usually find a JokBo record of more recent names for the family. A child given for adoption may be hard to find there, but it would tell you a lot about the family and the town they originated from.


      • Hello Jason,

        Thank you for your fast responce as well as all the information. After reading your reply and speaking to my husband he says he remembers seeing his name writen when he was little and he knows it was 이창운. When trying to find the HanJa we got very lost. We are not familar with hanja or Korean text. I know you have already done so much for us already but if this information helps to narrow down his clan a bit more that would be great.

  3. after doing a bit more digging I came across this Yichangun (李昌云) could this be what you were looking for?

    • So you know that 李昌云 was the HanJa for his name? That’s great. From there we can focus on the HangRyeolPyo’s for clans in the Lee families/clans to find Chang or Un.

    • Actually, those are surnames — we just need to focus on the surnames for Lee 李 . Within the Lee surnames you’ll find the HangRyeolPyo 항렬표 tables for some of the clans. That’s where we can search for a character in the given name ChangUn 昌云.

  4. My great grandfather came from the capital of North Korea to Hawai’i about 1906. His name was Yun Kiu Kim/ Kim Yun Kiu. We know his mom was a Park.
    That’s all we know!
    I read about the clan system and clan officials keeping records, some dating back as far as 47 AD. Do you know if the records on family search incorporate all of Korea (including North Korea) or just South Korea?

  5. Hi, I am looking for any advice or help in finding record of my fathers family from North Korea. My grandfathers name is Ik Sang Um and they originate from Hambuk-do. Is there any records on the Um family originating in North Korea? Many of their family escaped to Seoul.

    Thank you

    • Hi, I was browsing through this site when I saw your comment. I am also looking for Um Ik-San though I’m not sure if it’s the same as Um Ik-Sang that you’re looking for. Mine’s from Busan, and there are barely Ums around this world. Hit me up if you’d like to connect.

      • I’m also an Um. My grandfather fought on the south Korean side but he was from north Korea. My grandfathers name was Um heung ryong. I also always wondered about my grandfather’s family in north Korea or if they are still alive. 🙂

  6. Hello, I am looking for my birth mother, Seo, Jin-ae. My English name is Andrew Wisdom. Please help meh!

    • My birth family on my documents were from kangwon do. This is where I was born.

  7. I was wondering how I could find out about my family’s history? My father wasn’t the eldest son so he didn’t receive the book with our family history. My father also passed away before I could find out about his family/life and my mom refuses to tell me about hers. My mom’s name is 이기화 from Busan, South Korea (father is 이개출, mother is 김갑식) and my father is 권이천 from Gimpo, South Korea (father is 권상옥, mother is 민영춘). Is there any websites that I can use to find my family’s history? All I know is that I’m supposedly related to General Kwon Yul because all “Kwon”‘s are…

  8. Hello all!

    I am looking for my biological family. I was not adopted but my parents divorced when I was very young. My biological mother is not well and had told me that her family was dead. I only know that her name is Hyang-Nan Paek and that she was born on 02/04/69 somewhere in South Korea. Does anyone know where I can start to find my family?

  9. You can use to find out where your ancestors originally came from, by using your DNA, although you cannot find out your actual family members…sorry:)

  10. I am looking for ancestors on my mother’s side. I am American and unfortunately, I am not fluent in Korean, as a lot of Korean genealogy sites are in Korean or the records may be in Korean. Other sites that I have tried only have records of immigrants that came to American from Korea. My mom is the only one in her family who lives here in the U.S, so I know those records aren’t relevant to me.

    My grandfather is Chang Yoon (currently deceased. I don’t know what date, but it was way before my birth which was in 1993) and my grandmother is Chun Lee (currently living). My mother (Sohee Yoon) was born in 1955 and has three siblings- Eunja Yoon, Younghee Yoon, and Young(?) Yoon.

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  12. Hello .. im shini.. actually i need to find someone in korea . Bt i only know, his name is min. And he was born in seoul 1987. I couldn’t find anything about him… please help me…..

  13. Hi! I’m am trying to help my husband find his grandparents!! His dad was adopted from Seoul South Korea and his name on his visa is Kim Jack and born around 1957. He was brought back to Oklahoma along with another little girl from South Korea.

    • Hello Ashley,

      I read your note concerning your father having been born in Korea in 1957 and then adopted to the U.S./Oklahoma. Is this correct? I am interested because I too was born in Korea and born there in 1963 and adopted to the U.S. and Oklahoma. Rarely have I known any Koreans who had been raised in Okla! Hope to hear from you…


  14. Love this site!! Awesome job doing all this!
    My wife is a 연안이씨(延安李氏), and I’m trying to get a copy of her clan 족보. How do I go about buying a copy?

  15. Hello I am trying to find out about a half sister or half brother born around 1951-1954 in Korea to a Kim So. My father was a Canadian Sailor there during the war and would be the father–Gerald Robye Figary. Unfortunately, I do not have the name of the child. At a loss as to where I can start to search. Thanks

    • Any luck finding them? I am starting to search for my half brother and am a loss with even where to begin!

  16. I’m trying to find my family in Korea, I was adopted. My mom is
    Chun Cha Park
    Birthday: 8-19-1955 or 53
    Her married name is Chun Cha Chong

  17. Hello 🙂

    I am trying to find my family in South-Korea, I was born in Daegu and adopted just a few months after my birth, all I know is that my korean lastname is Min

  18. Hi there,
    I have finally come across my family jokbo BUT I don’t know how to read it! Where can I get help?

    • Congratulations. I posted my book on how to read a JokBo for free online at . The table of contents is linked at the left.

      Is your JokBo online or do you have the book? I might be able to help with the first steps of reading it, if that would help.

  19. My husband had been searching for his biological parents for years. He was born in Eulji, South Korea in 1980. He was born 3 month early premature. His given Korean name is Bae Hyo Won. His adoption was a closed adoption, but some how they had his biological father’s name and age on there. His biological father’s name is Bae Wan Hee and his age at that time was 27.

    He’s starting to lose hope and is giving up on finding his biological parents. I’m trying my best to give him hope and help him find them so he can meet them.

    Thank you,

  20. Hello I am trying to find my birth mother she is in Korea her name is
    Young Hwa Kim D.o.b 11 12 54. I have my dads registry papers and she is on there but i was not born in korea . How do i find her

  21. Hello i need help my korean boyfriend .. but i dontknow how ?
    All contact he family in southkorea his lose .. how to get again the family he contact?

  22. Hi,

    I’m trying to find my mother’s jokbo. This is what I know: Her father is Ui Sam Kim, her mother’s maiden name is Kwi Yon Paek and last known address (which was a long time ago) was suyang-ri, anyang-myeon jangheung, jeollanam-do. My mother’s name is SonYe Kim. Any help would be greatly appreciated as she doesn’t talk much about her life in Korea and she was just diagnosed with dementia. Before losing all my family history I would love to have something to hold on to.

    Thanks, Kimberly

  23. Hi can you please help me to find my nephews father his name Nam gi woo. Im not pretty sure the correct spelling.. thank you i hope you can help my nephew thanks! God bless

  24. Hi I’m looking for my birth mother Name Mun Cha Kim married to my father Thomas Gerald Henderson. They divorced and we haven’t seen her since. I was born in Ft Bragg and my sister in Seoul Korea. The only thing I have found online is a marriage licence in Miami.

  25. Hi,
    My birth name is meosg chon, but I change my name to Cynthia campos. My mom Sunye chon is from Korea she left me when I was 3years with my father Jorge campos. I try to look for her and couldn’t find any information. I know I have an older brother but he was adopted I know he’s name was Tonny. I need some help I’m 37 years old and I would love to know who’s my biological mother. Please help!!

  26. Hi, i’m Ida. My moms name is Dorthe, she was adopted from Seoul (Korea) to Denmark in 1971. She is believed to be born in 1967. We dont got lot informations about where she comes from, or anything – the only thing we really know is her korean name – which is Su Ying Myong. We would love to know if there’s still hope for her to find her birth-parents, birth-siblings or any related to. Thank you 🙂

  27. Hello, I’m Chailin..and I’m here for asking some help to look for my real father. His name is Kwang Chool Cha..and his birthday was on August 29, 1954-56?..and I’m not really sure of his age but maybe his now already between 57-61yrs old. I really really want to see him and I’m longing for him since when he left me when I was 4 and didn’t return. I really really miss him so much and I really really want to see him… And my mother told me that his work is an engineer.. Thank you and God bless you!

  28. Hello, your website is a great resource, thank you. I am a Korean adoptee, my biological brother and I were adopted together in 1987. I am trying to find info on my ancestors or family that I may have in Korea but I have no idea where to start. My biological name is Huang Sun-yung. I see some info on Hwangs in Korea but not too many on Huangs. Would you happen to know if these names are one and the same?

  29. Out of curiosity, is there any way to track down a half-sibling who possibly still lives in South Korea? I don’t have much to go on because my father doesn’t like to talk about his yobo because I gather they were forced to split because of the era and attitudes. All I know is my brother may have been called George, and her name may have been Mona. He would have been born in the early to mid ’60s. They may have been from around Seoul because I know my dad has talked a lot about what Seoul used to look like.

    I hope it isn’t a crap shoot, because I’d honestly like to know my brother.

  30. I would like to know the family of my mother, Lee YoungMee. She was born in South Korea and has 2 older sisters. Unfortunately, my mother was shunned from her family because she eloped with my father, No HyoYong. My mother is currently mentally ill and she has told me that her family was connected to the Lee dynasty. (Which I am seriously not sure at all) And I would like to actually give her the benefit of a doubt and look for my family history. I know nothing about my grandparents since she was very secretive about it, and there are several family heirlooms that were passed down from her grandfather. One is a yellow silk sheet that is double sided and hand stitched with a round patterned symbol in the center, with a dragon surrounding it and Korean mythical peacocks on the outside of it. The others were old style thick sheets with ties that are blue, yellow, and red. Those were apparently used to wrap things up like a fabric square-like sack. I don’t know where to look to find my family history and I would really appreciate any help. I have no knowledge of ancient Korean stuff at all.
    Thank you, Emily Sooyoung No.

  31. My birth date is Sept. 20, 1970 and my birth name given to me by the orphanage was Kun-Sook Park. The orphanage was called Il Maek Won in Gunsan, South Korea. Looking for my parent’s or any living family members. Birth dates on parent’s might have put them around 1953? and might/still live around Gunsan (Kunsan). I was at the orphanage from 1970 to 1975 and was adopted and now live in the USA.

    • Hi Kristin… We were at Il Maek Won from 9/1973-12/1976 together. I also have Park as the name given to me by Mrs. Park from the orphanage. Let’s connect!

  32. Hello,
    My mother is Korean and passed away over 20 yrs ago. She was estranged from her family in Korea. I am trying to attempt to get a knowledge of her family history if possible. I just know her birth name and city.

    Sir name: Kim, Yong Pok
    Birthday 10/06/49 (may not the the true date of birth, with my mom the birthday often changed).

    Birth City: Incheon Korea

    Can you recommend how I would go about my search?

    • Hey there. I have a very similar situation. Any luck? Any advice or direction you can send me? My mom is still alive. She doesn’t speak much of her family. She left Korea brfore my brother was born March of 1979. Her birth year changed from 1955 to 1957 but I believe 1957 is the correct year. Hope you found what you were looking for for.

  33. I am trying to find my husband’s grandmother. His mother was brought to the United States by her father when she was 11 or 12 years old from Yungsan, Korea in the 1960’s. She has several pictures and on the back of one is the name Kim, Keum Soon.

    I believe the family name is Kim, so would it then be Keum Soon Kim?

    (In relation, looking for my husband’s uncles, Willie and Jimmie Kim.)

    • I found a petition for naturalization (citizenship)… is this the right person?
      Name: Keum Soon Kim
      Birth Date: 3 Feb 1951
      Birth Place: Korea
      Event Date: 19 Apr 1984
      Record Type: Petition
      Age: 33
      Petition Number: 512831
      Court District: Central District of California
      Court Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

      When you look at the picture of the record, it lists a home address in Glendale, LA county, California.

      • 3 other possible matches within the U.S. are:
        – born 14 Jan 1950 and lived in Wilmington, DE
        – born May 1948 and lived in Arlington, Texas
        – born 3 Feb 1951 and lived in LA, CA (same as the one above)

        These records contain a lists of prior addresses within the U.S., too.

          • Found a Kum Soon Kim (can be the same as Keum Soon Kim if written in Korean) who was born Nov 5 1950 and lived in Florida at some point and changed her name to Jana Mari Kim.

          • Found 2 more Kum Soon Kim:
            Born 8 April 1951 and lived in Houston at some point.
            Born 5 Nov 1950 and lived in Miami at some point.

  34. I am trying to seek advice to help a military vet in trying to find a daughter he had in South Korea. Mr. Jimmy L Britt (born 1943) is African-American from Florida, he was stationed in S. Korea in 1966 where he met Pyon Ok Jin (born 1942) and got pregnant by him.
    The daughter’s American name (according to moms letters to the paternal grandparents and aunt) is Brenda Joyce Britt born Sept 1966 in a village near Fort Beavers, aka Camp Beavers, Taejoni, Gyeonggi Province, Korea. (Kyonggi-do and Gyeonggi-do are the names for the same province.) Him and the family lost touch with Pyon (mom), when his little girl was 5 yrs old, she was still living in S. Korea.
    So my questions are, Is is common to find biracial children of the 60’s in S. Korea? What are the resources available to a non Korean speaker now days to find family in this country? Other than posting on Facebook hoping it will go viral and/or a DNA test in Ancestry in hopes theres a hit, do you know of any other avenues? Any help will be truly appreciated, look forward to your reply.

    • i am also looking for a man named danny madden.his father was a military man.our family wants to find him.can you help

    • there were about 10,000 biracial children born during and after the Korean War. It continued into the Vietnam war and a little after. Most of these children were adopted. Even if they lived with their mom for a few years, they were given up later. I see that 325kamra is assisting in spreading the word so I deleted the 2nd half of my post about dna testing.

      • I am searching for my half Korean/American biological brother. I have a picture of his Mom and big sister and the address we had when Dad found out she was pregnant. I grew up in Seoul, very close to where she lived at the time. Her name is Kim Kum Yee. I need help finding them, please. My Fathers name is Ronald L. Marshall, and He is in bad physical condition. active duty Army while stationed there, and he told me he loved her. Please help if you can, as I want to know them all.

  35. Hello,
    I was adopted in 1982. All I have is a name the orphanage gave the adoption agency: Kim Eseoul. I am unsure how to go about finding my family, to even know if that is my name?
    Please, someone help

  36. Hello,
    Hi, I am looking for any advice or help in finding record of my father – named Hyo bor Chang. Since birth , I dont saw him..It was long long time that i tried to find him. All i know about him , his past worked was in Hanlin Company and that was 1979 I think.

  37. Hi my last name is Pride my father was in military and had a daughter by a last by the name of Sue in korea he lived in Texas but was born in Alabama I’m looking for my sister

  38. Hi,
    I would like to help my mom find her long lost dad, that abandoned her mom, her siblings and herself when she was 3 years old. She would like to find him to get some answers. He is Korean, and all she can remember is that he goes by the name Chang dae sung. She recalls seeing him once (I have no idea if it was in person or she was given a picture) when she was a teenager, with his new wife and kids however he did not want any of them to meet or have a reconnection with her, technically didn’t WA. T anything to do with her. She also recalls that the last thing she heard of him at that time was that he was a fisher/or working for a fishing company.

  39. I’m looking for Han Ching Cha I called her Connie. I was station at osan korea last seen her in Inchon when I was sent back state side she was pregnant for me my name is william wade

  40. My name is william wade I’m looking for Han Chong Cha I called her Connie I was station. I’m osan last time I seen her was in Inchon. When I was sent back to the us she was pregnant for me then 1969 please help

  41. Hello,I’m traying to find family of my husband Kim Jong Min
    His presumed birth date is May 3, 1967.
    he was found December 10, 1971 near the river Nam.(Gyeongsangnam province) The person who found him took him to Jin Joo Childrens home, City Hall Social Section in Kyongsangnam-do, where he remained until January 14, 1972. He had Kyungsangdo accent.
    Afterwards he was transferred to Seoul at the agency for adoption Holt and adopted to Belgium. I heart about test DNA, anybody has a clou have to do it? or some other ideas ?

    • I am told that if you go to Holt Children’s Services, Inc. ( 홀트아동복지회 ) in Korea with a passport, adoption papers, and pictures (if any) that they will try to find your adopted parents and arrange a meeting at a police office or government office if the family is identified and agrees to meet.

    • I tried DNA tests thru They identified many of my cousins and distant cousins. However, the results depend upon relatives also taking the test.

  42. Hi everyone I am Shania Jane Dacles From Philippines I just wanted to Know My Father Who are Living Now In Korea .I need some Help From You Guys How to Find Him or search HIm On any Active Website to easily informed about His Life today by the way I’m already 17 Years Old And since when I was Born I don’t Had any Communication Or Memories To Him But I keep asking My MoM about Him or his Name ..SeUng YOL Kim maybe his Age Now was in 56+ (that was not exactly right spelling ) For those Some People Who are eager to Help Me Please Contact me 09758111464 .I need your Help Guyss .Thank You

  43. Hi, I’m 15 years old and my mother was Korean. It says on my birth certificate that I was born in Pyeongtaek City, Kyonggi-do, South Korea and my father told me that my Korean name is Choi Soo Jin. My mother’s name is Choi Eun Sook and she was born on May 22, 1970. She brought me to the Philippines when I was a baby and the last time I spoke to her was 7 years ago. I haven’t seen her in person yet so it would be great to find a way to contact her again. I tried to send a message to her old e-mail address but it seems to have been deactivated. Please help me. I have to see her again.

  44. hi! good day! im married and my husband is a half korean and half filipino, hevis now 30 years his father name is Nam Bang Chon a seaman assigned in busan port as her mother said that the father of my husband live in busan south korea but they no complete address the mother of my children is angelica “sarah ” arcilla they picture with her dad but it lost by her mother my husband want to send letter to his father but my problem is how to translate his father name into korean alphabet.i have my facebook account arlegen aboc cuajao arcilla together my husband jimmy arcilla is the name of her son, they meet her mother in pilipinas kao jasaan cagayan de oro city pls help my husband

  45. Hello there. I’m looking for my mother’s family in Seoul. She was born Park Sun Hwa on March 2, 1957. She left Korea between 1978 to early 1979. She met my brothers father, George Sorensen in Korea. He was an America Soldier stationed out of Seoul.

    My mother left Korea and never looked back. She never returned. From what she told me she had 2 older sisters who were adults by the time she was born. Her mother died when she was a baby. She was raised by her paternal grandparents. Her grandfather worked for the government.

    She isn’t the easiest person to get information from. She is bitter towards the whole situation. She feels it would have been easier for them to locate her through the America Embassy in Korea than for her to go through the Korean embassy. I’ve spent time online researching and I just haven’t had any luck. If anyone has any information to steer me in the right direction I would be forever grateful.

    I pray everyone finds what they are looking for. That everyone finds their peace of mind.

  46. Hello, my name is Marleen Oliver & I was born in El Paso, Texas on August 20th, 1963, to my dad John Robert Oliver, who was born in Bristow Oklahoma on April 2nd, 1924 & to my mom Kyong Cha Kim, from Korea. She was born on January 15th, 1933, in Taejon, Korea. Her father was Hyundai Sill Kim & her mother was Chung Cha Park Kim from Korea. I am not sure where in Korea they were born or grew up, or even lived. My maternal grandparents are both deceased, as well as both my parents & paternal grandparents. My mom went by the name “Karen” Oliver. My dad went by the name “J.R.” Oliver. He was actually born John Francis Oliver, but he changed his middle name from “Francis” to “Robert”, when he was enlisted in the U.S. Army, or U.S. Navy. He was inlisted in the “C.C.C.”, the U.S. Navy & then retired with the U.S. Army. My parents met during the war, while they were in Seoul, Korea & fell in love. My older sister, Jadeen Oliver Fliflet, was born in Seoul, Korea on November 29th, 1961. My younger sister Starleen Oliver was also born in El Paso, Texas on October 29th, 1967, when my dad was stationed there. My younger sister & I were born @ William Beaumont General Hospital. My parents did not give us middle names. My mom had a younger brother, but I don’t know his first name or middle name, only his last name Kim. I’m not sure of his birth date, age or birth place. I’m not sure if he is still living either. I am curious to find out if my uncle is still living, ever married or had any children, which would be my cousin’s. I’m also curious if I have any living relatives from Korea & where they would be living. Would anyone be able to help me?, since I never learned to speak, read or write Korean. Thank you in advance!!! My home# (209) 572-3935. My cell# (209) 605-5069. My email address is ( Also, if anyone who has the same family names, or thinks they could be related to my family, please feel free to contact me about my family origin or history. Thanks, Marlee Oliver Feb 15th, 2017. My grandfather’s name is “Hyun” not “Hyudai”, it misprinted!

  47. i am looking for a man named danny madden,born in korea.this is my uncles son.our family wants to find uncle was in the war at the time.dont know what the womans name was.please try to help me find him….

  48. I am looking for information on Chong Yol Hong which is her maiden name. born 2/18/46. She had a child by and American Soldier. we think he was in the Army. Last name may be Early or Muro. She married an American soldier last name Hesse who adopted her daughter Rose Marie Hong, who was born June 22, 1969 they departed S Korea on 12/12/73 which is on her papers, also that the registered domicile was Kyeongki, S. Korea. Rose’s real father was stationed in S Korea somewhere between March and April 1969, She had photos of a young man holding her as a baby we think somewhere around Camp Casey. We are looking to see if any of Chong Yol Hong has any family survived the war. She claims all are deceased. any help will be wonderful

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