“The Comprehensive Collection of Family Lineage” is a valuable resource for Korean Genealogy.  The title of this record is ManSeongDaeDongBo (만성대동보, 萬姓大同譜).  Generally only prominent individuals and their lineages and clan founding ancestors were included.  It covers 361 Korean lineages and 136,000 people from about 100A.D. to 1933 A.D..  The record was published during the Japanese colonial period of Korean history.  It is basically a multi-family collection of family trees.  Cross-referencing this record with a family JokoBo provides additional insights and validation to Korean genealogy research.  The record is divided into 3 volumes.







The scanned record is available on Family Search, which is one of the most valuable sources for scanned Korean genealogy records:
Record Information
Scanned Record Images Online

The scanned record is also available online from the Academy of Korean Studies’ Center for Korean Studies Memorials:
Record Information
Scanned Record Images Online

Professor Mark Peterson provided an amazing tutorial on how to use this record:
YouTube Tutorial from RootsTech 2021

Some incredible projects have indexed the record and made it searchable!
Joseon Dynasty Family Relationship Network Information System (LNIS)

Record History: history

Here is an index showing the clans (surnames with origin) and page numbers for families in the ManSeongDaeDongBo: ManSeungBo Clan Index

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