New Family Search Tutorials


Family Search added outstanding video tutorials on how to do Korean Genealogy!

This is in addition to their great online library of records and information:

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  1. We are looking for my brother’s birth mom’s family from Seoul. Her name is/was Haeng Cha Im. She was married to George Behrndt, USArmy, and they had a son, my brother, George John Behrndt/John. They were divorced, and she adopted John to my family in 1968. We have some photos of her and her mother, etc., but I cannot find anything that might lead us to her family. She lived in Dongdaemun-ku until 1969 and then left there when she sent John to us. Can you tell me how I might find a connection to her? John has done DNA testing and we also found a 4th cousin, but she doesn’t know her ancestry either. I don’t know where to go. All these people who don’t know their birth parents and can’t find anything, and here we are with the names of birth parents and can’t do any better.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks so much for these references. I was wondering if there is any translations or videos with similar content for those like me who are not as fluent with Korean, who are trying to understand how to get started?

  3. I’m looking for Kim Chung Kyung (NOT the pop star!) who served in the Air Force. I have more info (mother’s name, Korean address from 1963?!). Any guidance?

  4. I noticed that for the Kang/Gang family on FamilySearch, there are more SaeBo available than JokBo. (eg. “진주강씨세보 晉州姜氏世譜, 20권”)

    What is the difference between a SaeBo and a JokBo?

    • You will find that the SaeBo is a type of JokBo, and all of the information in this book about how to read a JokBo will apply to a SaeBo. A SaeBo may be broken up into multiple volumes and have a section for each major branch of a large family. In the example you cited, it refers to volume 20 of a multi-volume publication / collection.

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